A cheese platter…

overlooking the sea. Proudly brought to you by
Hustle AR1 Perennial Ryegrass.

Hustle AR1 Perennial Ryegrass is a cultivar underpinned by a unique combination of genetics, making it ideal for Australian pasture systems, cheese makers and lovers of fine cheeses.

When was the last time you sat down on a picnic rug and enjoyed some fine cheese and glass of wine at a stunning location? For us at RAGT, it feels far too long ago. Yet it’s these moments in life we all need to take time to cultivate and make happen. The people who are behind the produce brand Bream Creek Dairy see great value in crafting dairy foods that can turn this into a reality. Yet they know better than most to create such experiences you need a start point. A start point, for them, that begins with a seed.

From the day RAGT learned that the Bignell family at the Stroud Dairy on the south-east coast of Tasmania had an idea to enhance their dairy operation by producing their very own milk and cheese brand Bream Creek Dairy we were excited. Excited for them and excited to be assisting in a transition and the perfecting of a pasture system to support the milk production specifications and consistency levels their herd would need to provide.

For many years RAGT Territory Business Manager David Gould and a local agronomist have worked with the Bignell’s, providing recommendations for the sowing of specific perennial grass varieties and cultivars. This lead to the extensive use of Hustle AR1 at the dairy. A proven perennial ryegrass, Hustle offers fantastic cool season activity (ideal for southern temperate pastures) to support winter grazing and excellent persistence and hardiness to combat against warmer weather periods. Its AR1 endophyte also requires less grazing management when compared to other endophytes, allowing it to be more freely grazed. All this has helped achieve what the Bignell’s were keen to roll out. Looking at the Bream Creek Dairy range they are now producing and selling across Tasmania and on mainland Australia, it appears to be working and helping cultivate the great moments in life people now live for and need to remain happy and healthy!

Hustle AR1 gives Bream Creek Dairy the rich milk it needs

• Hustle is underpinned by a unique combination of European, Australian and New Zealand genetics. 
• Hustle offers excellent cool season activity, enabling it be grazed through winter.
• Hustle exhibits excellent persistence and hardiness, making it highly suitable for Australian Pasture Systems.
• Hustles AR1 endophyte requires less grazing management, meaning less worries.