Perennial Ryegrass

Hustle AR1

Hustle AR1 is the culmination of a collaboration between Seed Force, RAGT and R2n: the research arm of RAGT


Hustle AR1 is a new perennial ryegrass with the strong cool season activity of NZ bred material, the persistence and warm season quality from European material and hardiness for the summer dry conditions experienced in Australia. Hustle AR1 has performed in the top group of varieties in Dairy Australia’s Forage Value Index for the four different dairy regions where perennial ryegrass is the major species: Gippsland, South west and Northern Victoria and Tasmania. For specific regional performance review data on: forage-value-index

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Excellent feed quality
  • High winter activity
  • Good disease resistance


  • Dense tillering for improved persistence
  • More feed when it is needed
  • Outstanding animal performance
  • Increased palatability by stock

Sowing Rates

Dryland 600-700mm rainfall
>700mm rainfall or irrigation