Better winter pastures

Proudly cultivated by Rozen annual ryegrass

Introducing Rozen diploid annual ryegrass

The new highly winter active diploid annual ryegrass that sub-tropical and temperate dairy farmers and graziers can count on for  strong herd productivity, fast curing hay and oversowing with tetraploids.

How Rozen benefits pastures and herds

  • A new Diploid Annual Ryegrass
  • Improved replacement to the highly successful SF Sultan
  • Disease tolerant to crown rust, brown rust and powdery mildew
  • A highly winter active variety
  • Late maturing (+9 tetila)
  • A more palatable diploid
  • Ryegrass with excellent seedling vigour
  • Endophyte free, providing simpler grazing management

Rozen can assist in building a strong sward. Sown together with a tetraploid ryegrass, this mix can help formalise a year round, highly productive grazing system. It can also be successfully oversown into kikuyu and seteria, that offer lesser productive feed in winter to top up a pasture’s productivity.