Annual Ryegrass


Rozen is a new improved late maturity diploid annual ryegrass.

High Performance Annual Ryegrass

Rozen  is a new highly winter active annual ryegrass, developed in Europe to replace the highly successful Sultan . It has excellent seedling vigour making it suitable for sowing into either clean paddocks or over-sowing into sub-tropical pastures including setaria and kikuyu.
Rozen  has similar forage yields and maturity to Sultan , but much improved resistance to a range of diseases including crown rust, brown rust and powdery mildew.
As a diploid Rozen  is a densely tillered variety which will better withstand periods of winter dry conditions as its narrower leaf blades lose less moisture through evapotranspiration. This also enables it to cure faster for making high quality hay.
Rozen  can be sown as the sole ryegrass at lower sowing rates than tetraploids, but can also be mixed with tetraploids in a 40/60 mix to develop a strong sward with the early production from the tetraploid, but with later density and production from the diploid.

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Diploid annual ryegrass
  • Excellent seedling vigour
  • High winter activity
  • Excellent disease tolerance


  • Fine, densely tillered, better suited to hay than tetraploids
  • More feed when it is needed most
  • Fast establishing, including over-sowing sub-tropical pastures
  • Improved yield potential and palatability

Sowing Rates

Oversowing Kikuyu
>850mm Irrigation
700-850mm Rainfall
500-700mm Rainfall
Oversowing perennial pastures