RAGT Australia is proud to announce its acquisition of BASF’s open-pollinated wheat seed assets

Left to right:  Dale Skepper, General Manager RAGT Australia, Maqbool Ahmad,  Senior Plant Breeder RAGT Australia, Samuel Gaste, ”New Markets” Territory Director RAGT SEMENCES, David Leah, Technical Product Development Manager – Broadacre RAGT Australia

RAGT AUSTRALIA, part of the global RAGT SEMENCES, European market leader in cereals, is proud to announce acquisition of BASF’s open-pollinated wheat seed assets in Australia.

“This new acquisition fits perfectly in our multi species strategy and reinforces our commitment in bringing innovative solutions to Australian farmers and our Partners” said Samuel Gasté, New Markets Territory Director at RAGT SEMENCES. “It will bring another level of genetic diversity in our global cereal offer.”

After the Seed Force integration, which became RAGT AUSTRALIA on January 1st, 2023, RAGT confirms its ambition in Australia by investing in domestic wheat breeding. “Already rich in a recognized portfolio in malt barley, canola, and fodder species, we are convinced that our new wheat range will strengthen our cooperation with the Australian farming industry and our local partners,” said Damien Robert, CEO of RAGT SEMENCES. He added, “This new acquisition complements our existing wheat breeding programs with unique germplasm and will have a positive impact on our worldwide cereals footprint.”

RAGT AUSTRALIA General Manager, Dale Skepper noted “this is a mature breeding program that has already delivered commercial products and a pipeline flow that appears to be rich with genetics well matched to the Australian market. We’re excited to secure this opportunity to launch into the spring white wheat segment, adding to our existing activities in the market. Our team looks forward to working with partners and providing well adapted solutions to Australian farmers, that potentially extend across the globe.”

Mr Skepper emphasised as part of this acquisition, “ we are also very pleased to be welcoming to our team the architect of the program and senior plant breeder, Maqbool Ahmad to continue to steward the program into the future.”

RAGT Australia, is a rapidly growing Australian seed business, breeding, screening and supplying premium cultivars across Australia. The business is 100% focused on assisting growers and processors increase productivity and profitability.

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RAGT Australia supports AEGIC Malting Barley Technical Seminars – China, October 2023

RAGT Australia’s David Leah Technical Product Development Manager – Broadacre was honoured to be a representative at the Australian Grains Export Innovation Centre (AEGIC) Malting Barley Technical Seminars held in China in October 2023.

The seminars were held in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and attracted over 300 attendees, including leading maltsters, brewers, researchers, and other industry stakeholders, including RAGT Australia developer of leading malting barley RGT Planet Barley.

  • The seminars covered a broad range of topics, including:
  • Australian malting barley production and quality
  • The latest research on malting barley agronomy and crop management
  • New developments in malting barley breeding and genetics
  • The impact of climate change on malting barley production
  • The future of the Australian malting barley industry

The seminars also provided an opportunity for Australian barley growers and maltsters to network with Chinese industry stakeholders and learn more about the Chinese malting barley market.

The AEGIC Australia Malting Barley Technical Seminars were well-received by the Chinese industry and highlighted the importance of the relationship between Australia and China in the global malting barley market.

Some specific examples of topics that were covered in the seminars:

  • The use of precision agriculture technologies to improve malting barley quality.
  • The development of new malting barley varieties that are more resistant to pests, diseases, and drought.
  • The impact of climate change on malting barley production in Australia and China
  • The future of the Australian malting barley industry, with a focus on increasing exports to China

David Leah, in addition to undertaking site visits to the Australian Embassy in Beijing, Chinese malthouse Dalian Xingze Malt, the Dalian Port and the Tsingtao Brewery, had the opportunity to present to Chinese maltsters, brewers, grain buyers in Beijing and Guangzhou. These presentations not only covered the sought after RGT Planet Barley but also updates on up-and-coming RGT Asteroid, RGT Orbiter and RP22054.

Overall, the AEGIC Australia Malting Barley Technical Seminars were a valuable success and helped to strengthen the relationship between the Australian and Chinese malting barley industries.

RAGT Australia and the RAGT Group are committed to the Australian Seed Industry both locally and globally and proudly support initiatives like the AGEIC Malting Barley Technical Seminars.