Introducing Adrenalin 2

Annual ryegrass with improved rust resistance

Improve your herd productivity right through winter, with less rust worries

The new highly winter active annual ryegrass with improved rust resistance that sub-tropical and temperate graziers and dairy farmers and can really rely on to enhance herd productivity and maintain on ground feed when needed most.

How Adrenalin 2 can benefit your herd, and your pasture

Less disease – more growth

Adrenalin 2 has improved rust resistance which makes it suitable to the coastal northern NSW and QLD markets where rust tolerance is critical to high performance and livestock palatability. 

Boost winter pasture feed

Adrenalin 2 can be successfully oversown into kikuyu, seteria, and other varieties, ensuring on ground feed remains high and plentiful, as these summer grasses go dormant.

  • A new Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
  • Improved replacement to the highly successful SF Adrenalin
  • Improved rust resistance and winter active
  • Mid-to late maturing (+12 tetila)
  • Extremely palatable
  • Fast starting with excellent seedling vigour