Annual Ryegrass

Adrenalin 2

Adrenalin 2 is a new improved late maturity tetraploid annual ryegrass.

General Fit

Adrenalin 2 is a new highly winter active annual ryegrass, developed in Europe to replace the highly successful Adrenalin . It has excellent seedling vigour making it suitable for sowing into either clean paddocks or over-sowing into sub-tropical pastures including setaria and kikuyu.
Adrenalin 2 is a few days later flowering than Adrenalin , but a major benefit of Adrenalin 2 is its outstanding rust tolerance. This enables the variety to perform at the highest level in all environments where the season will enable early-mid autumn sowing and progress well into November.
Adrenalin 2 has improved rust resistance which makes suitable to the coastal northern NSW and QLD markets where rust tolerance is critical to high performance and livestock palatability.
We recommend its use where growing season length can enable it to deliver to its potential.

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Tetraploid Italian ryegrass
  • Excellent seedling vigour
  • High winter activity
  • Excellent rust tolerance


  • Fast establishing and higher quality
  • More feed when it is needed most
  • Fast establishing, including over-sowing sub-tropical pastures
  • Suited to both northern and southern growing conditions


Sowing Rates

Oversowing Kikuyu
>850mm Irrigation
700-850mm Rainfall
700-850mm Rainfall
500-700mm Rainfall
Oversowing perennial pastures