RGT Planet Barley

Malt Accredited and now free to trade between fellow beer growers

A favourite of growers, maltsters and brewers alike.

RGT Planet is the world’s first global barley variety with trials, production and processing in more than 44 countries across Europe, North and South America and Africa. It has the capacity to adjust to its environment and deliver high yields and exceptional quality malt wherever it is grown, bringing genetic diversity to the Australian malting market for the benefit of the whole industry – farmers, grain consolidators, maltsters and brewers.

“With its global profile, we believe it has the potential to lift the size of the whole malting barley market, so that more high quality Australian barley can find a high value home.”

RGT Planet barley has already been tested by several of Australia’s brewers and distillers, including Coopers, CUB, Lion and others. It is approved for malting in different parts of the world by Malteurop, Boortmalt, Groupe Soufflet, Cargill, Viking Malt and many others. It is used by many international brewers including ABInBev, SAB Miller, Heineken, Carlsberg, Diageo, Coors and San Miguel. Major long term purchase contracts mean as a grower this varierty usually sells through to maltsters first. When choosing a barley, be sure to sow what the market needs to ensure your efforts get rewarded and you can proudly claim to be an Aussie beer grower!

RGT Planet growers can now freely trade their barley to help grow more beer!

There’s only one thing better than enjoying an ice cold beer brewed using RGT Planet malted barley with mates – selling them your RGT Planet grain so they can become beer growers too. How refreshing is that!

Our decision to open the farm gate on this has raised a few eyebrows, however it’s also raised more beer filled schooners in celebration. We won’t bore you with sharing all the discussions we had, (and the details) on why we’ve decided to do this. However, we’ll make one key point, which explains everything.

This opportunity now allows our world famous malt accredited European cultivar to get into the hands of more Aussie barley growers, who can now assist in meeting maltsters’ demands by growing it and enjoying the profits and prestige of becoming a real Aussie beer grower.

How to trade seed with a fellow RGT Planet barley grower.

It’s all rather simple, especially if you’ve traded seed before. RAGT Australia’s system will feel familiar. For those who never traded seed with another grower the onus is on you to ensure the seed you’re purchasing is healthy, clean, pure and the variety you expect it to be.

It’s important to remember this is a business to business transaction and both parties have rights. A handshake is honourable, but signed documents are legally binding. Remember to play fair when negotiating a purchase price and mapping out delivery terms.

You need to complete the RAGT Seed Sale Declaration to register your grower-to-grower seed trade and make it official.

Win-Win. Everyone benefits with RGT Planet Barley seed trading.

More barley seed availability means more growers. More growers means more barley produced. More malt worthy grain, means more beer can be made. More beer means more thirsts are quenched.