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Introducing Tri-Oomph 3 way pasture blend

Looking for a fast, quality feed solution for the season? Tri-Oomph Pasture Blend from RAGT provides an ideal feed gap solution that your stock will thrive on.

RAGT Tri-Oomph Blend has been developed to not only increase winter and spring yield but also to deliver a standard of feed quality ideally suited to maximize liveweight gain. The blend is a mix of fast-growing but late-flowering forage oat, winter-active annual ryegrass, and leafy turnip. Each component plays its part in the formula: the leafy turnip provides higher winter yields, the oats provide the required fibre, and the ryegrass grows well into spring, offering better sward longevity, quality, and hay options than oats alone.

Thrice as nice – see how Tri-Oomph compares

The below assessments were conducted from March to December. In the mixed crops, each component contributed during the growing season. There was competition between the species, for example the relative contribution of oats was reduced, but the value was greater overall production, a longer growing season and more consistent and slightly higher quality fodder produced. This resulted in a more consistent and higher predicted intake and resulting liveweight gain.

Outcomes from the three-way blend (Oats + Rye Grass + Turnip) showed it outproduced other mixed species swards with high quality herbage mass

Source: Tamworth Agricultural Institute: Pastures and Research Update,October 2022

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