RAGT’s Lucerne range

Outstanding forage and hay production

Take a look at RAGT’s high yielding Lucerne varieties

Whether you are producing premium hay or demanding exceptional forage for increased livestock productivity, RAGT has a range of quality Lucerne varieties to suit all needs

614QL Lucerne

Superb quality and versatility. Ideal for multi-purpose mixed farming systems

  • Excellent grazing tolerance
  • Winter active
  • High yielding
  • Versatile and broadly adaptive
  • Strong pest and disease resistance

714QL Lucerne

Outstanding yield and quality make 714QL one of Australia’s top performing hay lucernes

  • High yielding
  • Excellent leaf to stem ratio
  • great stand persistence and recovery
  • Able to provide greater returns per hectare
  • Suit premium hay production, quality silage or grazing

914QL Lucerne

Highly winter active for greater year round hay or forage production

  • Very high yielding
  • Increased Winter activity
  • Improved persistence
  • More cuts or grazing per year
  • Maximum feed over winter and spring