HYC Awards

Congratulations to the leading growers of RGT Planet

RAGT’s Malt Accredited RGT Planet barley was again the top performer in Hyper Yielding Crop awards across Australia’s highest yielding areas

The GRDC’s Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) initiative, led by Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia, is a four-year investment spanning five states (Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia) which aims to push the economically attainable yield boundaries of wheat, barley and canola.

The HYC Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of growers nationally who excel in cultivating high yielding crops, through making effective agronomic decisions according to their location and environment.

Dedicated growers who took part in the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s Hyper Yielding Crops Awards for the 2022 season achieved remarkable yields, and those who topped the charts have been recognised at a series of HYC Results and Awards evenings around the country.

The winning barley yield, RGT Planet was entered into the competition by Streatham grower Ed Weatherly which yielded 7.5t/ha.

These winning barley yields in Victoria have also recorded been recorded as being the highest percentage of potential with of 87 and 70 percent respectively.

Winning the award for highest barley yield in SA was James Gilbertson and his family who farm near Hatherleigh; their RGT Planet crop managed to produce a yield of 8.10t/ha.

In WA taking the award for the highest barely yields in the state was Perrilup Grower Keiran Allison. His award winning RGT Planet Barley Crop yielded 8.93t/h.

Jack Gartner and family secured the win for Maaoupe SA for the highest barley yield as a percentage of estimates yield potential with RGT Planet crop achieving 7.5t/ha.

Managing director of FAR Australia,  Nick Poole says the HYC awards have built community interest in pushing productivity boundaries nationally.

“These dedicated growers have demonstrated exceptional agronomic skills and techniques, resulting in remarkable yields whilst contributing positively to the overall success of the Australian grains industry. Their innovative approaches and best practices serve as an inspiration to the cropping communities in the different regions, driving pursuit of higher crop yields and sustainable farming practices,”

For more information: faraustralia.com.au/hyper-yielding-crops

Congratulations to our leading growers