GRDC Grain Research Updates

Join us for the Queensland double header

Join us for a fantastic couple of days focusing on the latest farming systems research results. This year we are starting later (12:30pm for a 1pm start) and finishing with a BBQ. Come along for the latest research and a catch-up.

Come down and join us at either of these entertaining and informative events

This year, the Emerald and Moura Updates will start at 1pm and finish with a BBQ and refreshments at 5:30pm.
Come along to listen, learn, discuss and for the catch up. 

Registration for catering appreciated.


Farming systems research in the Northern Grains Region and implications for key decisions driving risk and profit in Central Queensland – Yield, economics and seasonal risk. 
Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)

Water – making the most of our greatest and most often yield limiting asset.  
Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)

o   Fallow efficiency and the impact of cover in different rainfall situations
o   Water use efficiency in different crops and farming systems and impacts on yield

Nitrogen cycling and management decision making in Central Queensland farming systems.
David Lester (DAF Qld) & Doug Sands (DAF Qld)

o   N availability and recovery across the farming system
o   N impacts on productivity
o   Implications for management in CQ

The role of legumes in CQ farming systems 
Doug Sands (DAF Qld) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)

o   How much N do they use and leave for subsequent crops?
o   Soil disease impacts and soil health issues in the crop sequence
o   Water use and ground cover impacts for fallow efficiency

Panel discussion : Key farming system decision points for profit in CQ farming systems
Doug Sands, Darren Aisthorpe, Lindsay Bell, David Lester plus:
Emerald: Belinda Chase (Iker Ag Consulting) & Josh Bell (JB Ag Services)
Moura: Stuart Olsson (AGnVET Rural)

o   Managing cropping opportunities and responding to seasonal variability
o   Factors driving cropping opportunities for 2024
o   Nitrogen strategies – getting N on in a timely manner; spreading vs incorporation; use of manure
o   Factors driving N decision making for summer 2023/24

Registration: 12:30pm for a 1pm start. Finish approx. 5:30pm with a BBQ. 
Cost: $30 pp. (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.).
Lunch, afternoon tea and proceedings included.