RGT Relay

RGT Relay is an awnless, long growing season winter red wheat with potential for high yields in the high rainfall zone.


RGT Relay has high yields and good grain quality. It has been tested in Tasmania however suits early planting to allow full development and to maximise yield potential. Highest yielding in FAR Hyperyielding cereal trials TOS 1 2016 . The variety has a good disease resistance profile with very good resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to Septoria. With short stiff straw, harvest quality is good producing large bold grain with a high thousand grain weight

Type – Winter red wheat
Disease Resistance – Visit nvtonlin.com.au
Seedling Vigour – Excellent
Grazing Potential – Very good autumn and winter
Sowing Zones – Tasmania


  • R86-036
  • Can be sown in HRZ from late summer until early winter
  • Early heading and maturing
  • Full season growing potential
  • High yield potential
  • Excellent stripe rust resistance
  • Short stiff straw with excellent standability
  • Increased potential for autumn/ winter grazing when sown early


Sowing Rates