Winter Canola

RGT Nizza CL

RGT Nizza CL is a hybrid, Clearfield winter canola offering growers improved gross margins from both autumn/ winter grazing and high potential grain yields.


RGT Nizza CL can be sown in late summer or early autumn for grazing at eight weeks after sowing up until mid-July lock-up for grain with excellent oil content.

Type – Hybrid
Herbicide Tolerance Group – Clearfield
Blackleg Resistance – R (Bare)
Resistance Group – B
Seedling Vigour – Excellent
Crop Height – Moderate to tall
Alternative to – Hyola 970CL, Edimax CL, Pheonix CL and Hyola Feast CL
Sowing Zones – NW & SW Slopes, S Tablelands NSW, N Victoria (irrigation), NE & S Victoria, SE SA and Tasmania

Suited to sheep and beef


  • Excellent early vigour high biomass yield
  • Suited to early planting


• 3 to 4 days earlier than Edimax CL

• 7 to 10 days earlier to flower than Hyola 970CL

• High oil content

• No. 1 yielding variety in Europe

Sowing Rates

Grain only
Early grazing and grain