Winter Canola

RGT Clavier CL

RGT Clavier CL is a hybrid, Clearfield winter canola offering growers improved gross margins from both autumn/winter grazing and hiagh potential grain yields.


RGT Clavier CL can be sown in late spring to early autumn. Suitable for multiple grazings, and manage until harvest for high oil and grain yields.

Type – Hybrid
Herbicide Tolerance Group – Clearfield Blackleg Resistance R (Bare) Resistance Group ACH
Seedling Vigour – Excellent
Crop Height – Moderate–Tall
Alternative To – Hyola 970CL, Phoenix CL
Sowing Zones – NW & SW Slopes, S Tablelands NSW, N Victoria (irrigation), NE & S Victoria, SE SA, Tasmania, and Southern WA

Suited to Sheep and Beef


  • Excellent early vigour with excellent crop competition
  • Suited to early planting – late spring to early autumn


• 2 to 3 days earlier to flower than Hyola 970CL

• High oil content

Sowing Rates

Grain only
Grazing and grain