Spring Canola

RGT Capacity TT

RGT Capacity TT is a new generation TT hybrid from RAGT. It has excellent early vigour and gets up and establishes quickly for maximum weed competition.

New generation TT hybrid canola

Type – Hybrid
Herbicide Tolerance Group – Triazine tolerant
Blackleg Resistance – MS (Bare), R (ILeVo/Saltro)
Resistance Group – B
Seedling Vigour – Excellent
Crop Height – Moderate
Alternative To – Hyttec Trophy, Hyttec Trident, ATR Bonito, Hyola Blazer, InVigor T4510 and TurbineTT.
Sowing Zones – 350 mm plu


  • EPR $10/T plus GST
  • It improves gross margins
  • Up to 19% higher yielding than open pollinated varieties
  • Equivalent yield to other TT hybrids


Sowing Rates

20-40 plants/m2
30-50 plants/m2