Tall Fescue


Nouga is a new unique fine leaf tall fescue with leaf softness and palatability closer to perennial ryegrass.


Nouga is a unique new fescue option, with outstanding palatability and improved feed quality over other fescue types. It has very late heading compared to other varieties meaning that it will remain vegetative longer into the spring to maintain quality for either grazing or fodder conservation. It has fine leaves with minimal serrations that are present in most other tall fescue varieties. As such Nouga more closely resembles perennial ryegrass in appearance, feel and acceptability by livestock. Nouga is extremely persistent due to its dense nature and has no fescue endophyte. It has an intermediate growth pattern better suited to much of Australia’s climate. Its tiller density and high leaf quality make it well suited to dairy, beef and sheep. Its lack of endophyte makes it also suited to grazing by horses, goats and alpacas.

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Fine, palatable leaves
  • Oceanic/Continental
  • High feed quality
  • Excellent disease tolerance


  • Fine, densely tillered, well suited to grazing by livestock
  • Less serrations than traditional tall fescue leaf blades
  • Fast establishing, including over-sowing sub-tropical pastures
  • Improved yield potential and palatability

Sowing Rates

Oversowing Kikuyu
>850mm Irrigation
700-850mm Rainfall
500-700mm Rainfall