Kikuyu, Prairie Grass and Phalaris


Maté is a highly winter active phalaris bred in Argentina with excellent autumn to spring forage production.


Maté is a about 2 weeks earlier flowering than Holdfast making it better suited to the 450–600mm mixed farming zone. It can also be sown in mixes with Landmaster or Australian for use in 600–700mm higher rainfall zone. It can be sown as the sole perennial grass with sub clover, or in a mix with summer active cocksfoot varieties for all year round feed. It is also suited to sowing at 0.5–1kg/ha with lucerne. Maté is the fastest phalaris in establishment giving it an advantage over other varieties in beating weed competition.

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Good seedling vigour
  • Highly autumn/winter active
  • Early flowering
  • Summer dormancy


  • Improved establishment. Greater first year yields
  • Improved persistence for better stand longevity
  • More feed when it is needed most
  • Improved persistence. Improved survival with summer active forages

Sowing Rates

Sole grass with clovers & herbs
Pasture mixes