Lazuly is a new type of soft leaf Oceanic (intermediate) cocksfoot with improved winter activity over Greenly.


Lazuly should be sown at higher sowing rates to produce a fine, dense soft sward. It has no adverse animal health effects from endophyte and good resistance to pasture pests. Lazuly has performed well in RAGT replicated trials and in commercial sowings in Australia. It has superior quality over other commercial varieties and is a replacement for the highly popular Greenly.

Suited to all livestock types


  • New soft-leaf technology
  • Increased winter activity
  • Excellent production


  • Ensures excellent palatability and quality. More feed eaten for conversion to meat or milk
  • Suited to all pasture seasons with good grazing recovery. Greater performance than standards over the warm seasons
  • A better option in marginal areas to perennial ryegrass and tall fescue
  • More feed when it is needed most

Sowing Rates

8 – 12kg/ha
4 – 6kg/ha in a mix