Spring Canola

Dynatron TT

Dynatron TT combines the value of the Triazine Tolerant herbicide system with other hybrid seed traits.

Type – Hybrid
Herbicide Tolerance Group – Triazine Tolerant
Blackleg Resistance – MR-MS (bare) Resistance Group BC
Seedling Vigour – Excellent
Crop Height – Medium-Tall
Oil – High
Alternative To – HyTTec Trident, HyTTec Trophy, InVigor T4510, Hyola 550TT, Hyola 559TT, ATR Bonito


  • An EPR of $10 per tonne (ex GST) applies to Dynatron TT to minimise upfront costs
  • Significantly higher yielding compared with OP TT cultivars (>17% in 2019 than ATR Bonito – refer to NVT data below)


Sowing Rates

20-40 plants/m2
30-50 plants/m2