Forage Sorghum


Calorific+ is an outstanding new hybrid sweet sorghum ideally suited to fodder conservation.


Like all sweet sorghum types, Calorific is slower to establish than sudangrass and sorghum x sudan hybrids if early feed is required. But when it is left to grow beyond 1.2m in height it will produce more than those earlier types. It can grow up to 3m tall and will have good grain content if allowed to mature for a late silage cut. As such it is best suited to where a grower is chasing maximum fodder yield from one or potentially two large harvests. It is a late flowering variety with a large broad leaf to maximise leaf to stem ratio and hence improve feed quality. It also has high sugar content in the stem so will not be penalised when used for high yielding silage cuts. Under good conditions or where irrigation is available, it can be shut up for a second cut or grazed by livestock.

Suited to Dairy & Beef Cattle, Silage and Hay


  • New hybrid sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum
  • Late maturity
  • Large broad leaf
  • High sugar stem


  • Suited to high yielding one or 2 cuts for fodder
  • Retains quality under longer growing season
  • Provides higher quality feed for conservation
  • Maintains good quality

Sowing Rates