Italian Ryegrass

Accelerate 2

Accelerate 2 is a new highly winter active italian ryegrass, developed in Europe from a number of highly successful Australian and New Zealand bred varieties.

General Fit

Accelerate 2 has excellent seedling vigour making it suitable for sowing into either clean paddocks or over-sowing into sub-tropical pastures including setaria and kikuyu.
Accelerate 2 has similar maturity to Accelerate , but has reduced aftermath heading and much improved disease resistance.
The background material was artificially inoculated and heavily screened for improved tolerance to crown rust and bacterial wilt. Only those lines showing strong resistance were then re-combined into the final product. Accelerate 2 also has good tolerance to stem rust.

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


  • Diploid Italian ryegrass
  • Excellent seedling vigour
  • High winter activity
  • Good heat tolerance


  • Dense tillering for improved persistence
  • More feed when it is needed most
  • Fast establishing, including oversowing sub tropical pastures
  • Improved ability to handle warmer conditions late in the season

Sowing Rates

Oversowing Kikuyu
>850mm Irrigation
700-850mm Rainfall
500-700mm Rainfall
Oversowing perennial pastures